Top Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Most people with small bathrooms usually wish they had a bigger, more luxurious space, but the reality is that in most cases, it is simply impossible. The key to having a well designed small bathroom is making it feel more spacious. However, small bathroom layouts tend to be particularly challenging and usually calls for some design ideas to make it work. Well, if you are on this quest, then you have come to the right place as we have compiled some of the most popular design ideas to make your small bathroom feel more spacious and luxurious.

Wall Mounted Toilet

If you have space on the walls, then you can save both legroom and floor space by mounting a toilet. If it’s not possible to wall mount the toilet, then you can add shelving above the tank to get additional storage space or extend the vanity top in order to create a narrow ledge.

wall mounted toilet

Add Mirror Walls

This is perhaps the most popular trick when it comes to small bathroom designs. Adding a mirror across an entire wall will double the appearance and feel of your small bathroom. This is especially effective along one side of a narrow bathroom or above the vanity. Mirrors are ideally excellent for reflecting light and so, you can be certain that you’ll get more lighting from your windows and light fixtures.

Get Rid of The Tub

Bathtubs tend to take a lot of space compared to showers. If it’s possible to get rid of the tub, then you will be opening up your small bathroom quite substantially. Showers are excellent for guests and adults, particularly older ones. If you include a hand shower, it will be an excellent place to clean your pets as well. However, if you have small kids and need to keep the bathtub for bathing them, then go for a lower profile tub. The low height makes it easier for them to get in and out and will make the room look and feel more open.

Floating Vanities and Small Sinks

small sinkWall-mounted sinks are also a great way to save space and make your bathroom look bigger. If storage space is essential, then consider a floating vanity. Go for a narrow washbasin design and a thin-edge sink. You will get a bigger washbasin in less space and the ceramic is just as sturdy as a conventional sink.

Frameless Glass Tub & Shower Panels

To be honest, very few people in this day and age like shower curtains. They are a pain to clean and tend to stick to you when showering. They ideally close part of the room visually. To avoid this, consider swapping them with a frameless glass panel. This will not only open up your small bathroom significantly, but it will allow more light into the tub or shower.

Glass panels are relatively easy to install and maintain and are excellent for small bathrooms. You can either have them hinged to swing or fixed in place. However, avoid getting sliding glass panels for your bathroom as they require top and bottom tracks. They are also harder to clean and maintain.